Wooden ceiling made from coffers is formed from various types of wood, with various colours                      DEUTSCH   

and lineation (drawings). These ceilings are composed in various ways, with different profiles,

often bleached or decorated with gold, silver or chrome. 

 Wooden coffered ceilings, when decoratively designed, create a very nice impression and therefore

are used in villas, palaces, exhibition buildings and the churches.  

 Wooden coffers are arranged in a square design, fastened with screws into the bearing and compensation

structure, which is made up of planks, which are also fixed to the ceiling using screws or screws and plugs.
Square coffers are held together by means of pen-groove (mortise).
Joints between coffers and the coffers and the walls are covered with slats so that after the completion the
assembly joints and head screws are not visible.  
It is possible to bleach or stain the wood, or even decorate it with gold or plate with silver, and than create

various combinations and designs. We use pine wood for its universal light color, but for instance it is

recommended to use teak wood for bathrooms.

The final surface polish consists of three layers of two component dispersion (water soluble), colorless

paint that contains UV filter and prevents the premature darkening of the wood.
The wooden ceilings do not have only very aesthetic value, but also serve as thermal and sound isolation,

which can be further enhanced by adding lining (insulation).

Before the production and implementation of the ceiling takes place, it is necessary to accurately and

comprehensively measure the ceiling space and draw up a construction drawing.


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